Get Paid To Write Articles Online Without Investment | Earn $850+

If you are searching for an online job to make money quickly without any investment then Content/Article writing jobs would be a perfect method to start with.
In 2020, Article writing jobs are one of the stable online jobs because by writing content regularly you can make a stable income forever.
In this post, I am going to teach you how to get paid to write articles. Please read the content thoroughly to understand everything about Article Writing Jobs.
What is Article Writing?

Article Writing is an online content writing service where the writer gets paid by writing meaningful and unique content for companies or blog owners.

Articles can be written on any topic such as dogs, food, health, bodybuilding, weight loss, SEO, etc..

People from any country such as India, United States, etc… can write articles for money.

You can make a solid income forever(more than enough to leave your job) by article writing jobs so read this post clearly and understand how it works.

Why Article writing has a huge demand?

here are many online companies and blogs who want unique content for their websites.

But they cannot write content on their own so, they depend on writers for their content and pay a certain amount of money based on the quality of the content.

The companies and blog owners place their request for articles on sites called as iWriter & other. The writers write the required content for them and get paid to write articles online.

iWriter is a website that pays for writing articles/content. To learn more about iWriter & how to earn, continue reading…

On this page, I am going to teach you how to earn money by writing articles/content using iWriter.

Note: If iWriter is not accepting new writers then you can try Freelancer or Textbroker to earn money by writing articles.

The main Advantages of Article Writing Jobs are:

1: You can start earning money by article writing jobs from today itself.
2: No investment and no pressure of work.
3: Nothing is required except a PC/Laptop with an internet connection.
4: Earn money from home from your own comfort zone.

Below you will find all the useful information about how to Get Paid to write articles using iWriter.

Please read it carefully and step ahead toward your first online income without investment.

On iWriter, in the beginning, you will earn about $2.43 (Rs. 180) per 500-word article.

But you can increase that amount by writing more articles while maintaining good ratings.

iWriter has different payment amounts for different writers per article.

After you write 30 articles and maintain avg ratings of 4.1 – 4.5 then you will be promoted to Premium Level and your earnings will be $4.46 per 500-word article.

And if you maintain an avg of 4.6+ then you will be promoted to Elite Level and your earnings will be $8.10 per 500-word article.

The below table describes variation in earnings for different levels. Content writing jobs on iWriter.

There is another level on iWriter and it is called Elite Plus. If become an Elite Plus member you will be earning $32.40 per 500-word article.

And there are other types of writing services on iWriter such as writing blog posts, press releases, eBooks & Kindle eBooks. There is higher earning for those kinds of writings.

Earnings Calculation:
The below calculation is based on $2.43 per 500-word article.

Let’s say you work 4 hours per day.

4 hours per day = 4 Articles
4 Articles * $2.43 = $9.72 per day
$9.72 per day * 30 days = $291.6 (Rs 22, 000) per month.

So, at $2.43 per 500-word Article, if you write 4 articles daily then you can earn $291.6 per month.

However, you can increase your earnings by maintaining higher ratings. So, try to produce good content in order to maintain higher ratings.

Remember if you have 4.6+ ratings after writing articles 30 then you will earn $8.10 per 500 word article. At this rate, if you write 8 articles in 8 hours then you will earn $64.8 in a single day(awesome).

Steps to earn money from iWriter:
1: First, create an account on iWriter.

To join iWriter, click here

A website will open. Next, scroll down and click on “BECOME AN IWRITER TODAY” button. (as shown below)

Now fill the registration form and click on “WRITE CONTENT NOW” button. If you are asked to verify your email address then do it.

2: Next, choose a topic posted on iWriter >> Click on the “Write Content” tab to find topics. (See the explanation for this step scroll below)

3: Search about the topic on google and read old articles.

4: Understand the topic and start writing.

5: Once the client approves the article you have written then you will get paid.

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